Andrea Keller Piano

Working with leading contemporaries in the Australian jazz scene, the following list captures only part of the immense scope, talent and passion that Keller imbues in her music making.

performed with the Australian Art Orchestra at the Mt Niseko, Kutchan Jazz Festival (Japan).

2003 – current
runs the Andrea Keller Quartet (a bass-less ensemble). ‘Angels and Rascals’ by the Andrea Keller Quartet was released in 2005.

2003 – current
Keller/Murphy/Browne. Trio with Tamara Murphy (bass) and Allan Browne (drums).‘Carried by the Sun’ released July 2006

2003 – current
performs with Paul Williamson’s Quartet/Sextet.

2003 – current
performs with Kynan Robinson’s ‘En Rusk’.

performances in Scotland and Ireland.

performs throughout the Czech Republic, including jazz clubs in Prague, Cheb and the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival, as well as Edinburgh, Scotland.

2002 – 2005
runs the Bartok Project. The group performs Keller’s arrangements of Bartok’s ‘Mikrokosmos’. They have performed throughout Melbourne, as well as festivals in Wangaratta, Perth and Sydney. ‘Mikrokosmos’ by Andrea Keller’s Bartok Project was released in 2002.

2001 – current
performs and composes for the Bennetts Lane Big Band.

2000 – 2002
performs with the Barry Duggan Quartet.

2000 – 2003
performs with the Allan Browne Trio.

1999 – 2002
runs the Andrea Keller Quintet which features Eugene Ball – trumpet, Ian Whitehurst – tenor saxophone, Danny Fischer – drums and Matt Clohesy – double bass. ‘Thirteen Sketches’ by the Andrea Keller Quintet is released in 2001.

involved in a project led by Dale Barlow.

1998 – 1999
A member of Brian Brown's ensemble Flight.

1997 – 2003
performs with ‘Hustas-Keller’, a contemporary improvisation duo with arco double bassist Anita Hustas. The duo performed throughout Victoria and festivals in Sydney, Fremantle, Perth and Brisbane. ‘Icedreaming’ by Hustas-Keller was released in 2001.