Andrea Keller Piano
Angels and Rascals  

Angels and Rascals
The Andrea Keller Quartet (ABC 982 8385)

Eugene Ball – trumpet; Ian Whitehurst – tenor saxophone; Andrea Keller – piano; Danny Fischer – drums; Shannon Barnett – trombone; Gian Slater – voice. 12 original tracks by Keller. Recorded February 2004. Sales:


MP3 samples
Resting Place
Tough Guy
Life that Lingers



Andrea Keller – The Bartók Project
(ABC JAZZ 066 204-2)

Tim O’Dwyer – alto saxophone and bass clarinet; Adrian Sherriff – bass trombone; Andrea Keller – piano; Anita Hustas – double bass; Danny Fischer – drums.
A selection of 17 ‘Mikrokosmos’ by Bela Bartok, arranged for improvising musicians by Andrea Keller. Recorded February 2002. Sales:


MP3 samples
no.58 In Oriental Style
no. 125 Boating
no. 77 Little Study


Thirteen Sketches  

Thirteen Sketches
The Andrea Keller Quintet (New3081.2)

Eugene Ball – trumpet; Ian whitehurst – tenor saxophone; Andrea Keller – piano; Matt Clohesy – double bass; Danny Fischer – drums.
13 original tracks by Keller.
Recorded September 2000 and May 2001.


MP3 samples
That Day
Blue Arsed Fly
Little Perisher

Carried by the Sun CD  

Carried by the Sun
Andrea Keller, Tamara Murphy, Allan Browne
(Jazzhead, Head 072)

Andrea Keller – piano; Tamara Murphy – double bass; Allan Browne – drums. 9 tracks (8 originals & 1 standard). Recorded in February 2006

on the Surface, in the Core CD  

On the Surface, in the Core
Paul Williamson Sextet (new 3197.2)

Paul Williamson – trumpet; Jamie Oehlers – tenor saxophone; Tim Wilson – alto saxophone; Andrea Keller – piano/fender rhodes; Rodrigo Aravena – double bass; Sam Bates – drums. Double disc. All compositions by Paul Williamson. Recorded May 2005

In My Head  

In My Head
Gian Slater

Gian Slater – vocals; Andrea Keller – piano; Tom Lee – double bass; Edward Fairlie – trumpet; Shannon Barnett – trombone; Corrin Strating – flute; 10 original tracks by Gian Slater. Recorded June and September 2004.

Kynan Robinson  

1000 wide
Kynan Robinson’s enRusk (New3128.2)

Kynan Robinson – trombone; Adam Simmons – alto, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Danny Fischer – drums; Mark Shepherd – double bass; Andrea Keller – piano; Erik Griswald – prepared piano and harmonium.
11 original tracks by Robinson.
Recorded 2003. Sales:

Paul Williamson Quartet  

Paul Williamson Quartet (New321.2)

Paul Williamson – trumpet; Andrea Keller – piano; Gary Costello – double bass; Danny Fischer – drums.
12 tracks in total. 9 originals by Williamson and
3 collective improvisations. Recorded may 2003.

Jacinta's Song  

Jacinta’s Song
Jenny Game Ensemble (MOVE MD 3284)

10 tracks by Jenny Game-Lopata. Recorded December 2001 and July 2003. Sales:

Mike Nock's BigSmallBand Live  

Mike Nock’s BigSmallBand Live (ABC 981 567-6 )

8 tracks. 7 composed by Mike Nock, 1 by Andrea Keller. Recorded October 2002. Sales:


Hustas-Keller (New3070.2)

Andrea Keller – piano; Anita Hustas – double bass; Danny Fischer – drums. 9 original tracks by Andrea Keller and Anita Hustas. Recorded May 2000.